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Since it's such a rare occurrence you can't regularly enjoy, you're much better off experiencing it more often than not through the medium of video games. There's a great amount of quality action/adventure, open-world RPGs, and fighting games that present the finest sword-fighting mechanics you'll ever see. Whether you're clashing blades with your foe on the battlefield, slashing through waves of bloodthirsty demons, or stealthily picking off the opposition with your trusty katana in hand, these 30 sword-fighting games all provide the thrill of swinging your blade to cut down anyone and everyone that dare tries to defeat you.



Raiden has made quite the turn when it comes to transitioning from a hated protagonist into a beloved one. His cyborg ninja role from Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots gets the spotlight in this high-octane slasher developed by the masters of action games, PlatinumGames. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance gives Raiden several bladed weapons to rely on during his crusade against an organization known as Rival PMC Desperado Enforcement LLC. With Raiden's collection of formidable blades at his disposal, you'll get to hack and slash through all sorts of cybernetic baddies and stylishly finish them off via slow-motion cutting sequences.

FromSoftware, the development studio behind the best "Soulsbourne" games ever made, went back to its roots with this Tenchu-like foray into feudal Japanese action. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will enrage you and satisfy you in equal intervals as you explore vast locales filled with some of the toughest foes you'll ever clash blades with. Sekiro's katana can be utilized to throw off each enemy's posture/balance so you can take them out as efficiently as possible. Everything from the regular foes right on up to the big bosses that make you work for each victory will push you to the absolute limit. You'll get so much satisfaction from sneaking up on the game's weaker adversaries and quietly eliminating them with a gory katana kill.

This love letter to FromSoftware's long line of Soulsbourne games got its most definitive rendition in the form of Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition. For those of you that missed it the first time around, this action RPG gives you the power to take over numerous fallen warriors and master their weapon of choice. And of course, that melee arsenal includes lethal blades such as the Hallowed Sword, Martyr's Blade, and Axatana. You'll need to choose your moves wisely during Mortal Shell's difficult combat encounters, so be prepared for a tough adventure within the game's downtrodden world.

Yep, we have to show PlatinumGames some much-needed love on this list yet again. And that's because the series that first brought the Japanese action game studio to prominence deserves mentioning here. If you have a Switch, then you need to go out of your way and play both Bayonetta games. Both entries in the series follow a cocky, alluring, and dominant witch that can summon demons through her mystical hair-based attire. Besides those magical attacks, the shape-shifting main character can dish out some vicious attacks with two death-dealing blades. Those blades include the "Shuraba" katana and the double-sword combination known as the "Rakshasa." You're going to have so much fun hacking and slashing angels and demons to death with the coolest witch in gaming.

Action-adventure title Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice was created by the same studio that created Heavenly