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Global Elementary Teacher's Book

The National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded publication, Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears is designed to help teachers develop their knowledge of the Arctic and Antarctica and to use best practices to integrate science and literacy instruction around polar themes. The materials showcased in the publication are chosen specifically to help teachers understand and to explain the role of the polar regions in the global ecosystem. As the magazine's creators note, elementary teachers seldom have either the preparation or expertise to teach science or the time or resources to learn how.

Global Elementary Teacher's Book


"As a former elementary teacher in Alaska, I understand the difficulty of finding time for quality science instruction," said Jessica Fries-Gaither, elementary resource specialist and project director for Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears. "Yet in the face of issues such as global climate change and dramatically changing polar regions, it is essential that science, specifically polar science, is included. We are particularly pleased to offer this new online magazine that transfers current polar research and best practices in science and literacy instruction to classrooms nationwide."

The first issue of the magazine centers on the theme A Sense of Place and provides an introduction to the geographic location and characteristics of the Arctic and Antarctica. It features a story about a scientist who helped produce some of the most accurate images of Antarctica and ways to learn about the research-based strategy of identifying similarities and differences. It also features links to content-rich Web sites, interactive videos, animations, articles written specifically for K-5 students that are available in text-only versions as well as in printable, foldable book versions, photographs that highlight polar beauty and mystery, and even a poetry lesson plan that features work contributed by elementary school students in Anchorage, Alaska. 350c69d7ab