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City Building Games For Mac

Unfortunately in recent years a number of great games for Mac have declined because many are no longer supported. Every new version of macOS tends to break a few games, but macOS Catalina in 2019 meant that lot of games that used 32-bit code were no longer Mac compatible.

City Building Games For Mac

At the same time that Apple went 64-bit only it also introduced Metal for 3D graphics, which left a lot of games developers with a decision: make new Mac versions of their games or stop making them. Unfortunately many chose the latter.

Below you will find what we believe are the greatest Mac games out there, together with links to the Mac App Store, Steam and other reputable vendors, so you can buy them right away. These are the very best games for Mac. They are in alphabetical order, not in order of preference.

City life isn't always a walk in the park (unless you're actually walking through a park, that is). It's noisy, crowded, and commutes can be frustrating. If only there was a way to design the perfect city to end all your urban woes...

Updated January 1, 2023 by Ryan Bamsey: City builders are extremely satisfying games. Seeing a settlement that you built from the ground up, especially in games where you start with almost nothing, is a wonderful achievement and fills you with great fuzzy feelings. We've added some more of our favorites to this list to keep you busy for many more hundreds of hours.

As you'd imagine, water plays a very important part of the game, and this is one of the ways that Timberborn sets itself apart from its compatriots on the city builder scene. The game is currently in Early Access, but enjoys a dedicated fanbase and oodles of positive reviews.

The Architect: Paris is a very different type of city builder, but it'll appeal to those detail-oriented and aesthetic-obsessed gamers out there. This game has you customizing and designing buildings down to the minutiae, from heights to awnings and foliage.

In reality, The Architect: Paris is more a city designer game than a city builder, but it offers a unique take on the genre. It encourages creative thinking and perfectionism, and can end up stealing hours of your time.