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Jamey Aebersold's Jazz Ear Training PDF MP3

Ever wished your jazz performance students had a firm grasp of jazz theory concepts? Or better yet, ever wished you had the time to teach theory concepts sequentially? Essentials of Jazz Theory is a most welcomed publication designed for the classroom setting in an enjoyable format. With extensive ear training coordinated with the theory, it encourages one to play and/or sing the examples right from the beginning. Each book has 40 pages in a six-unit format. Each unit consists of four or five pages of instructional material with ear training and review pages. These three books are also available in a single volume of 120 pages. I particularly like how the CD enhances ear training by offering the opportunity to test listening skills with music examples played by a variety of instruments. Teachers will appreciate that there is even a separate publication with the answers for the exercises from the lessons and review pages. The glossary and index of terms and symbols is unusual in that it links specific pages in the book where those concepts/terms are taught as a quick reference for instruction.

Jamey Aebersold's Jazz Ear Training PDF MP3