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Michael Jackson Blood On The Dance Floor Album Zip

Michael Jackson was one of the 20th-century international acclaimed singer, songwriter, and dancer. He entertained millions of fans in his history of the music industry. He led the life of a rebel who always fought with prejudice and racial inequalities. He also gives his voice to the unvoiced oppressed nations of the world, especially to African people. Blood on the dance floor was his shocking performance song and album that stormed over and over the world rebellious music lovers.

Michael Jackson Blood On The Dance Floor Album Zip

There are many bands that play heavily with funk, creating lush grooves designed to get you moving. Read on for a taste of five current modern funk and nu-disco artists making band-led uptempo funk built for the dance floor. Be sure to press play on the Spotify playlist above, and check out's playlist on Apple Music, Amazon Music and Pandora.

The piece begins with ten to twelve dancers crouched low on the floor, scattered throughout the stage area, and all facing stage right. They slowly rise and sink in canon, as though a wave passed over them and back again. The movement grows until it brings them onto their feet: they separate and rush toward one another, leaping and falling like waves splashing together and subsiding. Then, grouped together, they surge back and forth from one side of the stage to the other like shifting tides. One cluster of dancers breaks away while another leaps, turns, and falls, forming a progressive, whirl-pool-like spiral to the floor. A side-to-side rocking motion gradually brings the dancers into unison as they spread throughout the stage area again. They return to the crouching position and ripple upward again in one last splash before finishing with a slow crawling action that leaves them prone like the last remnant of a wave creeping up the shore. 350c69d7ab