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Free Download Wild Horse Mesa

Wild Horse Mesa is a 1925 American silent Western film directed by George B. Seitz and starring Jack Holt, Noah Beery Sr., Billie Dove, and Douglas Fairbanks Jr.[1][2] Based on the novel Wild Horse Mesa by Zane Grey, the film is about a rancher who, desperate for money, decides to trap and sell wild horses using barbed wire. The local Navajo tribe tries to persuade him not to do it. The film was produced by Famous Players-Lasky and released by Paramount Pictures. Wild Horse Mesa was filmed on location in Colorado. Prints of the film have survived.[3][4]

Free Download Wild Horse Mesa

The BLM offers wild horses and burros for adoption or purchase at events across the country throughout the year. The most current adoption and sale event schedule is provided below. All times are in local time and subject to change without notice. Please contact the National Information Center or the relevant BLM office for more information about a specific event.

Wild horses have roamed the banks of the lower Salt River since long before the Tonto National Forest was created in 1902. It is thought that these wild horses have descended from a herd brought to the area by a Spanish missionary in the 1600's.

In 2015 the United States Forest Service had put out a notice of intent to remove all free-range horses from the area. This notice provoked strong public outrage that resulted in thousands of people and businesses speaking out in protest over the removal of the horses. Even Arizona's elected officials in Congress and the House or Representatives wrote letters to the USFS in an effort to protect the horses. As a result the Salt River Horse Act was put into place to protect the horses for future generations to come. Today the horses are managed by the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group and can be seen roaming freely along the river.

The Salt River wild horses are often seen roaming freely through the mesquite trees and in the river near Coon Bluff. This is a popular river access point along the lower Salt River at the end of Coon Bluff Road. A Tonto Pass or America The Beautiful Pass is required for parking.

On a Friday afternoon, in a dusty desert area known as Coon Bluff, students hiked through a maze of mesquite trees to the Lower Salt River in Mesa, Arizona. There, in the distance, was a group of wild horses.

She said the outings give students a chance to observe the behavior of wild horses, understand fertility plans that are in place and by the end of the day hopefully gain more clarity about their career path.

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